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Me and the Eltham Angel Ladies


In late October ( 27/11/12 ), I returned to Eltham Spiritualist Church to do a follow up workshop there, to the one I did last year. And it was a beautiful experience, similar to last year, everyone that came to the workshop was female! There must be something about Eltham.


As with all workshops you never quite know how many people are going to turn up or what energise people will bring to the mix. However as always with Eltham we got a good number ( all women ) and the energises where wonderful. There were many familiar faces from last year and a few new ones as well, a chance to catch up with a few old friends and an opportunity to make a few new ones.


We called forth the Angels and the Faeries through guided meditations, used art, creativity and the intuition to work with them. We also did exercises to dissolve old patterns and cultivating positive growth/change, using the ‘cycle of creation’ with the help of the Angels. The only thing we couldn’t do on the day was work in garden, because it was sooo cold outside, a shame, but it was only a small element excluded, which was beyond our control anyway, and overall it worked out to be a brilliant day of learning and growth in the company of the Angels and their brethren.


But don’t just take my word for it, see what a few of the participants had to say about the workshop themselves in these video testimonials.


Jeorge Asare-Djan.



The Spectral Spirit Flower I received from Spirt during the workshop

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