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This blog is an excerpt from the chapter recently completed on my experience at the Olympic, the wonderful sport enjoyed and the amazing Faeries I saw there…


During the months of late July through to September, London was graced with the unique spectacular of the Olympic & Paralympic Games. I was lucky enough to get my hands on a ticket for fencing on the 1st of August and later another two tickets for the Paralympics, all at the Excel Centre, where quite surprisingly lots of Faeries appeared ( they surprised me because they appeared before I tried to connect them ), some flying high in the arena near the ceiling, others close to the ground appearing by soldiers solemnly folding flags after a medal ceremony, one with her head tilted as if contemplating who called them forth, with her wings flowing like streams of energy blowing in a unseen and unfelt wind, another at the heel of a soldier with a smiling countenance glowing and radiating rays of light like a miniature beaming sun, another still in the gallery as spectators made their way out, with a face of green wearing a crown of light and energy suit-body of pink, floating by in profile with nose raised in the air, a regal presence indeed! Making what was already a unique and special Olympic experience into something even more…magical if that’s even possible, but more about these unexpected characters later.


The fencing competitions themselves were incredible, Both the men’s epee and the women’s sabre class featured dazzling displays of swordsmanship, the men’s competition was won by the Venezuelan Reben Limardo Gascon, with the women’s sabre title going to Jiyeon Kim of Korea….


As engaging as the competition had been the best was yet to come. During the medal presentations several faeries appeared by soldiers attending the flags of the winning countries. The officers seven in number had made their way from the far end of the arena, marching smartly in single file behind the podium, crossing over to march on my side of the arena after passing by the athletes and officials, ending their march beside the flag rigging just in front of me. To see the care and respect with which the flags were presented, unfolded and placed onto the rigging and hoisted by pairs of well drilled soldiers, to the anthem of the victorious nation, and then slowly lowered and dismantled and folded multiple times to be carried in arms, was just as interesting to observe as the medal presentation taking place a little farther in to distance.


A fuller look at the four Faeries by the seven soldiers


And it was at the beginning of the flag unfolding where the soldiers seven in number, five men and two women, three of their number carrying the winning flags in their left arms with dignity had arrived by the flag rigging, all with raised right legs in unison, about to stamp to attention, that I took a photograph which captured four Faeries surrounding the seven flag bearers, three distinct and clear, the remainder less so. There was one next to the soldier at the front of the line, appearing near his feet, a second in line with the first but below and lower, by the feet of the same officer, a third appeared between the heads of the fifth and sixth soldiers in line, the fourth behind the leg of the flag bearer farthest to the right.

First Faerie with tulip shaped halo head energies


The first faerie being appearing at the foot of the first soldier carrying the Norwegian flag had a male countenance, clearly smiling and aware of the camera, he appeared somewhat sideways on, not quite in profile and not quite in portrait. Despite the figurative quality of his head his body on the contrary is more energetic with a less distinct outline, with bright lines of energy moving outward from his purple centre ending in short stubby pinions by his flanks and creating a tulip shaped halo around his head.


 The second Faerie appearing behind the flag rig


Above him, the second faerie by the officer at the front is female of face and has her head tilted to one side resting on one shoulder, as if in wonder and contemplation, “who is this curious soul who requests us appear” perhaps she thinks. Her face is clearly defined in the photo and like the previous faerie she has a complexion the colour of light bronze, her hair is also equally evident encapsulating the frame of her head, bright sparkling lines of lights that part define her hair flows outward in swirls and languid curls to become part of her wing like auric sweep, filled with colours of purples, green and blues, which arch up from the side of her arms, around and behind her, as if been moved and blown like smoke in a gentle wind. Her body has a figurative design, with arm, upper torso and a suggestion of legs as well.


Interestingly enough she appears behind one of the horizontal bars of the flag rigging, with the middle of her energy body being obscured by its white beam, proving great evidential support to the assertion that these qualities are within the arena and not debris in front of the lens ( and it would be quite something if specks of dust had wings and faces and could smile ).


Here's number three


The third, hovering above the fifth and sixth officers seems to appear more in the fashion of a tradition orb, being vaguely circular in shape and lacking the clear figurative aspects of the others. It also may be possible it’s in the process of coming through but in an intermediate state, whereas the others are more fully manifest. Like his comrades though, he has wonderful displays of pastel colours of greens and purples.


 Here's number four


The fourth Faerie, standing at the rear, at the heel off the last soldier in line, faces towards the camera and like mainly male in appearance. His pink face features a shape pointed chin, lines of energy spread out from the side of face in close waves creating fan shaped wings on either side of him. There is a suggestion of a body flowing down from his shoulders, with a fluid liquid like insubstantial quality….


There were others too that appeared high up close the arena ceiling, in fact from the moment I was surprised to see them come through during the Mexican wave, they continued to appear with regularity through the day. The Flag photo being one of my favourites due to the way the Faeries are interacting with soldiers totally unbeknown to them….


These are a few examples of the wonderful beings I captured during the Olympics, even as I came out of the Excel Centre itself that day to the darkness of night, the sky lit up with the lights of their presence, Faeries, Devas and Angels, filling the panorama of my camera’s view from end to end, photo after photo, a blessing indeed. It was the same at Victoria Park the following day where I watched athletics on the big screens there. And at Hyde Park and the Serpentine the following week, from where I took in the historic experience of Bolt’s victories, and at the Paralympics at the Excel Centre again, on the 6th and 7th of September attending the table tennis, wheelchair fencing and boccia. They were always there our faerie friends, and always happy to appear in a photo or two and to smile and perhaps say hello too.




Me in the fencing arena

My view of the arena

Fancy dueling

More fancy dueling


The victor

The Champion

Amazing wheelchair fencing

More wheelchair fencing

Me with bronze medalist Yu Chui-yee from the Hong Kong women's wheelchair fencing team

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