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A Dream of Angels on Mid Summers Night Eve

This Summer on the 23rd of June, on Mid summers Night Eve, I took a trip to Guildford and it’s surrounding areas of Dunsfold and Hambledon Forest, taking in the beauty and history of the environment by day with a friend, walking through golden meadows, green and muddy forests enclosures, visiting medieval churches and ancient cottages. While later after dusk, alone, walking through Guilford with an aim to capture the Angels, Devas and faeries at work and play along the lengths of the River Wey, and what came through was nothing short of incredible.


The action all took place after dusk along the banks of the river Wey walking from the charming, lazily meandering Woodbridge Meadows with it’s wild grasses and haunting wood carvings of strange faces and large dragonflies, where it’s Faerie guardian, small and stout appearance beside it’s arched signed entrance. Further along past the Guilford Sea Cadets base, I captured an eight feet ( plus ) Angelic Deva with wings extended, curving and moving like energetic versions of carved baroque curls and scrolls, smiling kindly down upon and embracing a hooded elf like merry man of true faerie class within it’s distended whirling aura several feet away from it’s body, itself in turn being supported by the etheric arms of an equally large being taking on an older masculine appearance, wearing a flowing cloak and something resembling a ski mask with a tube like point at it’s crown. All accompanying and supporting one another and connected with other faerie beings of a petit and frivolous nature. Right the way up to the town centre by the movie plex, near the walk way bridge leading to the railway station, where I was greeted with joy and warmth by a huge smiling blue Deva, possibly 15 feet in length or more, from aura to aura, with the broadest, most disarming grin, on it’s face, built up of streams of energy.


In fact there where several of them congregating around the bridge, in fact they had been waiting there for me, as I had passed that very spot earlier on in the day, and whilst passing through, I mentioned mentally to them, that I would return back along that way later after night fall. When I finally returned back to that spot, I had by this time been walking all day, and was physically aching and mentally tried, that when I arrived at the bridge I felt as if I had reached the end of my journey and filled with a second wind I exclaimed in a loud psychic fashion thought my mind “ Right, we’re here! Ok guys, lets get to work”, and amazingly enough the Forces there seemed to respond with similar enthusiasm.


Now as I’ve elected to reserve most of the new images of the larger more powerful Angels and Devas I capture as exclusives for the my book on Angels and forth coming lectures, the scene with the larger Angel carrying the smaller elfish being in it’s expanded aura passed the Sea Cadets building, certainly comes into that category as does the large blue smiling Deva by the walkway bridge, so here I’ll been focusing on the little guardian that appeared by the entrance to Woodbridge Meadows.


Close up of the Guardian by the entrance

The Guardian captured by it’s carved archway entrance, appeared in the style of a Norman Knight. It was projecting a partial upper body manifestation, consisting of only its head and shoulders, floating on the right hand side of the entrance closest to the River Wey itself. His manifestation is not particularly luminous or bright here, but appears more subtly and in a more material vein. His profile is facing leftward towards the sign. He has a smile on his face behind a round protruding bulbous dropping nose. He has small upward pointing wings close to his shoulders and his Norman style head gear. The entire form is surrounded by an ‘etheric net’ of energy, with strands of thin energy streams connected to one another by brighter spots of energy. Our little guardian here is actually sparkling into perception! This is a faerie dust, twinkle, like effect that I often see and capture when they appear. One of the interesting things to notice here is that the form is made up of subtle but clearly distinct, asymmetrical regions of colour and tones, the area that makes up the exposed potions of the face is a pinky, flesh tone for example, while the shoulders and upper helmet is a dark, bluely green, with the wings having a dull purple colouration. See what you think.


I had hoped to meet and greet the Forces of nature by day through a pleasant country walk in the company of a friend on the surface, by appreciating the beauty of their works, and inwardly at the same time as I walked on my journey, appreciating their existence through the sacred pilgrimage I was making through their homes. In this way I hoped to experience and capture some of the magic of Mid Summer’s Eve, and as it turned out I did!


Mid Summer’s Eve is a magical and special time full of powerful energies been released and brought into focus and use within nature. It’s a time when potent energies from the great giver the sun, fills the earth, and a time of growth within the Angelic Kingdoms. Some of the Deva’s most potent ceremonies take place around this time, it is also a time when those faeries and nature beings who are ready for the next stage of their development are initiated into the higher mysteries of truth by the Older more powerful Deva’s and Angels, they are shown new perspectives on life and are literally carried through space and time within the auras of their Angel teachers and given new responsibilities.


What I captured on the River Wey that day, in particular with the group featuring the Angel holding and embracing the hooded elf within it’s aura, while been supported itself in turn by an older looking Deva, whilst also being connected by streams of energy to a surrounding group of faeries, was a visual representation for my benefit, of the way they all help and support one another in general, but also specifically concerning their work in uplifting one another to higher states of awareness and responsibilities on this most magically of days, Mid-Summer’s Night Eve.

Jeorge Asare-Djan

The entrance by day

Dragonfly tree craving

Image of me earlier on in the day in Hambledon Forest

Hambledon Forest

More Hambledon Forest

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